Bloodstone protects us against harm. It gives us strength and courage in new circumstances and chapters in our lives. Allowing us to have mental clarity in our decision making. It stimulates dreaming, heightens intuition, increases creativity, and encourages blessings of prosperities in our lives. I strengthens the connections between all "animals" living on this planet. In the physical world it boosts our immune system by warding off colds, influenza, infection and inflammation.

    Carries the purity of blood and inherently speaks of life & birth, vitality & strength, passion & courage, mystical & magical, protective & nurturing.


    • Protection against harm
    • Strength/courage in new circumstances
    • Aids in mental clarity and decision making
    • Revitalize motivation and our physical bodies
    • Stimulates dreaming
    • Heightens intuition
    • Increases creativity
    • Encourages blessings & prosperities
    • Strengthens all animal connections
    • Stimulates immune system
    • Wards off: cold, flu, infection, inflammation
    • Draw powers of the weather
      • Winds of change
      • Rain washes sorrow

    Healing: Physical

    • Purifies: blood, spleen, liver, kidneys, bladder, intestines
    • Regulates & stimulates blood flow
    • Aids circulation
    • Treats blood disorders:
      • Anemia, leukemia, tumors, acute infections, over acidification
    • Aids during birth and birthing processes
    • Alleviates symptoms of PMS and menstrual disorders
    • Stabilizes hormones during menopause

    Healing: Emotional

    • Grounds oneself to physical body
    • Enhances strength & courage
    • Support during extreme adversity
    • Shows us isolation & loneliness is an illusion
    • Teaches chaos often proceeds transformation
    • Dispels confusion
    • Enhances decision making
    • Nourishes feelings of worth, confidence, and self sufficiency
    • Aids with emotions when facing death.


    • Cleanses & aligns lower chakras with our heart chakra.


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