Stone of Motivation, Endurance, Leadership, Courage and Protection


    • Balances bodies energy levels which aids in training & coordination of physical exercises.
    • Stimulates appetite
    • Attracts prosperity, resources and luck
    • Talisman of success with financial endeavors
    • In a work setting it heightens ambition, drive and determination
    • Resolves performance anxiety
    • Protects home from theft, fire, storm, or accidents in general
    • Promotes idealism, community, pragmatism
    • Orange Carnelian works with the Sacral Chakra to increase fertilities
    • Brings passion within relationships

    Healing: Physical

    • Stimulates metabolism
    • Cleanses blood
    • Influences reproductive organs
    • Aids in menstrual and menopause
    • Benefits absorbing vitamins
    • Reduce congestion, phlebitis, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, boils and skin issues
    • Accelerates healing of scars and nosebleeds
    • Heals lower back, rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, bones and ligaments
    • Relieves depression
    • Detoxes from alcohol and drugs

    Healing: Emotional

    • Stabilizes emotions
    • Restores lost vitality and motivation
    • Stimulates creativity for new pursuits
    • Protects against envy, rage & resentment
    • Overcome abuse
    • Overcome sexual anxieties and eating disorders
    • Aids in male’s mid-life crisis


    • Red Carnelian
      • Heals blockages and traumas
      • Exposes one’s life purpose
      • Independence and leadership qualities
      • Root chakra
    • Orange Carnelian
      • Controls Body to mind connection
      • Intuition
      • Heightens sexuality
      • Sacral Chakra


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