• Malachite 


    • Protection 
    • Absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the body. 
    • Guards against radiation
    • Clears electromagnetic pollution
    • Heals earth's energies, creating a stronger connection with Nature
    • when traveling:
      • overcome fears of travel
      • empowers oneself 
      • reduces jet lag
      • protects against others energies

    Physical Healing:

    • Female problems
      • regulating menstrual cycle and cramps
      • eases labor
      • treats sexual diseases, especially ones caused by traumatic experiences
    • Within the body, it aids or relieves:
      • cold sweats, malaria
      • trembling
      • Parkinson's disease
      • asthma
      • intestinal problems
      • rheumatic pain
      • When used as a diuretic, helps aid kidney and gallstones
      • Osteoarthritis
      • lower blood pressure
      • travel sickness and vertigo
      • swollen joints
      • growths
      • tumors
      • torn muscles
      • broken bones
    • Enhances immune system 
    • Stimulates release of toxins within the liver. 
    • Strengthens memory 

    Emotional Healing:

    • Encourages change, allowing one to take emotional risks.
    • Show's us what is blocking our spiritual growth by drawing out deep feels and psychosomatic causes. 
      • break the unwanted patterns and emotional ties
    • Encourages expression of feelings
    • Gives Confidence by showing us one's thoughts and actions manifest our realities. 
    • Heals past emotional abuse, especially ones caused in childhood
    • Overcoming fear of confrontation


    • Heart

    Everyday Uses:

    1. Keep around electronics to dispel electromagnetic pollutions
    2. In office, protects against noise, over bright fluorescent light and electromagnetic pollutions
    3. Carry while traveling


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