• Tigers Eye


    • Luck and good fortune (money)
    • Wards against complacency
    • Challenges ones artistic/creative talents
    • Urges to try new things
    • Overcome fear: exams, public performance, competition, important meetings
    • Insight in unfamiliar circumstances
    • Protects against others negative intentions
    • Boosts will power, emotional stability, and energy levels
    • Reduces food and drug cravings
    • Reduces anxieties, feelings of isolation and inadequacy
    • Promotes harmony between people

    Healing: Physical

    • Blood fortifier
    • Boost endocrine system
      • Balances hormones and biochemistry
    • Rebalances brain hemispheres focus,
    • Relieve seasonal depression
    • Alleviate nightmares
    • Improve night vision
    • Eyes, throat, stomach, gallbladder
    • Strengthen alignment of spine

    Healing: Emotional

    • Relieve scattered mined
    • Focus and stability
    • Stimulates hope and confidence in the future
    • Resolve internal battles
    • Understand needs of others
    • Recognize one’s talents and abilities

  • Onyx

    “Stone of Virtue”

    Primary Purpose:

    • Protects during psychic endeavors
    • Enhances instincts
    • Use energy during anything that depletes resources overtime
      • Exercise, projects, goals, etc.
    • Aids in energy retention
    • Keeps level head
    • Stimulates intuition
    • Psychometry
    • Retains memories
    • Telekinetic enhancement
    • Connects lunar energies
    • Spiritual visions or lucid dreaming
    • Attracts people with similar morals

    Healing: Physical

    • Enhance sensory glands (ear, nose, etc.)
    • Strengthens immune system
    • Call regeneration
    • Aids to absorb nutrients
    • Bones, bone marrow, soft tissue
    • Improves nerve functions

    Healing: Emotional

    • Grounds & stabilizes
    • Relieves stress
    • Restores self-control
    • Focus/wisdom
    • Recognize old habits and release negative ones
    • Support during all stages of grief

  • Hematite

    “Go outside more and reconnect your spirit to the wonder and mystery of the lights in the sky.”


    • Grounding
    • Helps us to balance our priorities
    • Calming
    • Clears and activates root chakra
    • Stability
    • Absorbs toxic emotions
    • Relieve stress, anxiety, worry
    • Enhance confidence & strength

    Healing Physical

    • Cleanse blood and supports circulation
    • Provides us with a Sense of new found strength
    • Jump starts sluggish nervous systems

    Healing: Emotional

    • Manifestation
    • Transform dreams & aspirations to reality
    • Clarity and focus
    • Silver lining of negative situations


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