• Orange Calcite


    • Energy amplifier & cleanser
    • Enhance personal gifts
    • Rids pollution
    • Dispels negative energies
    • Change patterns, behavior ways of thinking
    • Realize change is healthy
      • Come to terms
    • Create new inspirations
    • Increase drive and motivation
    • Enhance intuition & psychic ability
      • Boosts memory
    • Release feelings of suicide, depression, and anxiety
    • Boosts vitality, sexuality, self-healing


    • Promotes leadership through trust
    • Reach financial goals with connections of others
    • Wisdom during daily stresses
    • Confidence & determination
    • Overcome financial challenges
    • Attract money & new opportunities
      • Innovative solutions
    • Inspire to expand your business
    • Wards off procrastination
    • Increase energy… snowball into productivity


    • Reduce emotional fears
    • Emotional release
      • Forgive to release
    • Desire to find happiness
    • Hope and positivity
    • Inspire to leave past behind
    • Accept change
    • See other’s perceptions
    • Strengthens sexual energy

  • Black Kyanite

    Black Kyanite assists with Clairvoyance and Manifestation of visions. Black Kyanite which does aid in lower chakras is actually able to be used with any chakra as it provides a direct healing energy. This healing energy surrounds us and heals tears and holes in both our chakras and our aura. Grounds and energizes us, allowing us to fully communicate with others with openness. It allows us to delve deep into our past lives to explore. As well as see the outcomes of our current actions so we can best adjust for the future we are trying to seek. Intuition, psychic thought, dream recall are just some of the words to describe this strong masculine energetic stone. Even though it is primarily a masculine energy it creates a perfect balance with our yin/yang.

    Primary Purposes:

    • Manifestation of vision
      • Clairvoyance
    • Healing energy
      • Can be used for any chakra
    • Heals tears & holes in chakra’s/ aura
    • Aids in communication
    • Grounds & energizes
    • Explore past lives
    • See outcomes of current actions
    • Intuition, psychic thought, dream recall
    • Balances yin/yang through masculine energy


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