• Sacral Chakra "Swadhisthana"


    • Level of the lumbar vertebrae
    • Three inches below the navel


    • Emotions / feelings
    • Relationships / relating
    • Expression of sexuality
    • Feeling outer/inner worlds
    • Creativity
    • Fantasies

    Element: Water

    • “Movement & flow of our emotions and thoughts. Supports personal expansion and formatting identity.”

    When Imbalanced:

    • Co-dependency with other people or substances that grant easy access to pleasure
    • Being ruled by emotions
    • Or feeling numb - out of touch
    • Overindulge in foulosy/sexual obsession
    • Or lack of sexual desire
    • Feeling stuck in a feeling or mood

    Ways to Balance and Open Sacral Chakra:

    1. Practice emotional catharsis
      1. Jumping, screaming, laughing, crying, etc.
    2. Explore creative self-expression
      1. Try a new hobby
    3. Identify your sexual blocks
    4. Meditate and carry crystals
    5. Become mindful of emotional triggers
    6. Explore the root of your addictions
    7. Practice self-care toward your body
    8. Color therapy
      1. Indulge in orange
    9. Sacral chakra visualizations
    10. Get sexually creative
    11. Aroma therapy
    12. Yoga
      1. Positions: cobra, butterfly, camel, goddess, reverse warrior, pigeon pose
    13. Chant “VAM”
    14. Daily affirmations
      1. I am passionate
      2. I feel pleasure and abundance with every breath I take
      3. I am open to experiencing my present moment through my senses
      4. I value and respect my body
      5. I allow myself to experience pleasure
      6. My sexuality is sacred
      7. I am at peace
      8. Emotions are the language of my soul

    Stones to Open and Activate:

    • Orange and coral calcite
    • Citrine
    • Orange carnelian
    • Orange aventurine
    • Orange or blue kyanite
    • Tangerine quartz
    • Shungite
    • Goldstone

    Best Stone to Sooth overactive chakra:

    • Orange carnelian
    • Snowflake obsidian
    • Amber


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