• Gold metal

    Master metal


    • Aligns with sun
    • Enhances golden good
    • Crown chakra
    • Courage and assertive energy
    • Removes “blockages”
    • Well-being, wealth, wisdom
    • Illuminate divine direction
    • Divine masculine

  • Citrine

    Stimulates the chakras like sunlight of spring


    • Increases and maintains wealth

    • Encourages generosity

    • Productivity
    • Sparks creativity and imagination
      • Ideal for artists
    • Promotes solutions in conflicts
    • Promotes cohesion in relationships
    • Shields against spite and jealousy
    • Clears unfriendly ghosts from a home

    Healing: physical

    • Enhances stamina
    • Supports endocrine system
    • Encourages proper metabolism
    • Aids in reversing degenerative disease
    • Aids in hormone imbalances
      • Use as an elixir
    • Strengthens intelligence

    Healing: emotions

    • Release anger/negative feelings
    • Overcome depression
    • Reduces criticism sensitivity
    • Raises self esteem
    • Let go of the past
    • Helps identify and resolve feelings of helplessness
    • Courage/fortitude to make difficult decisions and take actions
    • Aids in manifestation

    Perfect for empaths and light workers


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