Hematite teaches us to "Go outside more and reconnect your spirit to the wonder and mystery of the lights in the sky." It Grounding, Calming, Stabilizing, and relieves stress, anxiety and worry. It Clears and activates our Muladhara (Root Chakra); which gives us strength and confidence in all aspects of life. 

Tigers eye brings luck and good fortune with financial endeavors. It wards against complacency within all parts of life. It Challenges one’s artistic and creative talents for growth, urging you to try new things. Helps to over overcome fears: such as taking exams, public performances, competitions, important meetings. Providing insight in unfamiliar circumstances. Tigers eye protects you against other’s negative intentions and promotes harmony between people. It boosts will power, emotional stability and energy levels. As well as reduces food or drug cravings, anxiety, and feelings of isolation/inadequacy.

Dimensions -

Chain Length: 18.75"

Pendant Width: 2.5"

USD $ 19.99

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